Welcome to room to breathe counselling!

Genny Heroux

My name is Genny Heroux. I am a therapist in private practice who works with individuals with a variety of social, emotional, and mental health issues.

My goal is to provide people with an opportunity to take time for themselves, to invest in their own well-being, and to give them room to breathe!

I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and have nearly 20 years’ experience working in the health care system in Winnipeg.

I use a blend of EMDR, CBT and mindfulness in my work. It’s been said that I am easy to talk to. I am approachable, respectful, non-judgemental, and because I value authenticity, a little quirky at times.

If you like the vibe I give off then please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free telephone consult, and finally give yourself room to breathe.