Areas of Special Interest

finding meaning and purpose

Social expectations, pressure from friends and family, living with the constant belief that we “should” be doing this or that when our hearts aren’t in it. Living out of alignment can contribute to feelings of anxiety and depression. Conversations designed to help us understand our true purpose, and then building a life that is in alignment with our values, can help us feel more at ease in our day to day lives.

stress management

Life can be hard sometimes. Really hard. When we have little control over the circumstances that create stress, we can often benefit from learning skills and strategies to help manage our stress. But learning them isn’t enough. We need to commit to practicing these strategies regularly so that we can implement them when we need them. Are you ready to make this commitment to yourself?

recent or single-event trauma

When faced with recent traumatic events or single-event trauma, it’s common for individuals to initially attempt to compartmentalize those experiences, pushing the distressing memories aside, allowing them to cope and function in the midst of adversity. However, it’s important to recognize that these emotions and memories may linger beneath the surface, influencing one’s longer-term wellbeing. Seeking support provides a valuable outlet for understanding and navigating the emotions associated with the trauma. Through acknowledgment, compassionate exploration, and appropriate interventions, individuals can often work through the impact of recent or single-event trauma, fostering resilience and creating a pathway towards healing and recovery.